The Panther of the Peak

As I was walking in the Peak
I saw a creature, large and sleek.
I thought, is that some farmer’s doggy? But no, it was a great big moggy.
Its fur was black, its eyes were green,
The biggest cat I’d ever seen.
Its teeth were white and very long
And it had a funny pong.
Its claws were sharp, its tongue was red,
I said, “Please don’t bite off my head!”
For I was feeling rather edgy – instinct told me, NOT a Veggie.
“Have you run off from some zoo?”
“No, I haven’t –  Why, have you?
You humans haven’t got a clue.”
As he slunk off in the mist, he  purred, “You know we  don’t exist.
I might be just a large Alsatian
Or one great big hallucination.”
But  as he vanished from my view
He winked, and murmured “Toodle-oo.”